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“La Tenue au Galli

Reiki Master & Qualified Holistic Therapist
Celia Hurst MAR, MICHT

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Leave the world and stresses behind for a while & enjoy a relaxing break


A therapy using oils extracted from plants, used in massage, baths and oil burners. The use of essential oils dates back to before history and over 300 essential oils are in use today.
For the relief of stress and to promote relaxation and a feeling of well being a gentle massage covering the shoulders, neck and face using oils can be very soothing and pampering promoting deep relaxation.


n ancient technique of foot (and sometimes hand)
massage, the concept of which dates back at least
as far as the ancient Egyptians.
 Dr William Fitzgerald, an American, progressed the therapy into the modern Western World in the early 1930’s.
 Reflexology is a simple non-invasive natural therapy combining gentle massage together with thumb and finger pressure to specific points on the feet known as ‘reflex areas’. Reflex areas are found on all parts of the feet and correspond to all the organs, glands and structures of the body. In fact there are over 7000 nerve endings in each foot, which connect to the entire body.


We also arrange informal talks and demonstrations in a relaxed atmosphere where you can truly switch off from the outside world and recharge your human batteries - naturally.

Taster sessions of various therapies available


Originating, as the name suggests, from India, it has been used as a family therapy for many centuries.
This gentle therapy consists of a neck, shoulders,
scalp and face massage using a variety of techniques sometimes including the use of oils.
Regular sessions will promote hair growth and improves condition. Stress and tension can be relieved promoting deep relaxation.

This is a therapy centred upon the ‘universal life energy’, the meaning of the Japanese word ‘Reiki’. Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese theologist, rediscovered this very ancient art of using and transferring this universal
life energy.
The therapy is used to bring the body back into energetic balance by either laying on of hands or mentally transferring energy. The body will only accept what is needed. It is a very gentle and relaxing therapy suitable for all ages.

In the modern world of stress and tension it is important to recognise the areas of stress otherwise unchecked it causes disease.
To be able to recognise and control stress levels
and learn to manage them is paramount to being in
Relaxation is one of the key ways to control stress.
Breathing exercises, visualisation and balanced nutrition are some of the ways to deal with increasing levels of modern day pressures.